Project Ideas Poll

We are currently trying to choose which of our final ideas we should create and develop for our final project so we thought we would put the vote down to our loyal followers. The choice is between: 1) table manners – can you remember always being told off by your family for leaning on the … Continue reading

Bracelet Lighting (Rave Bracelet)

One of initial ideas that we came up was the “Rave Bracelet”. The bracelet would be used in nightclubs, and we feel would be an ideal replacement for UV sticks and glow sticks. The bracelets works using an LDR, so that when the bracelet is in low light then the LED’s begin to flash in … Continue reading

Circuit Set-up (Breadboard)

One of the circuits that we made need to include in our potential ideas is one which incorporates an LDR (Light Dependant Resistor), which affects whether an LED (Light Emitting Diode) is either turned on or off. To achieve this we used what is known as a “breadboard” to see how this worked. The benefit … Continue reading

Light Alternation (We Are Free)

In the video “Light Alternation” we used the image stills from our previous video, “Noise Dependant Lighting”, to create alternating light to go along with a piece of music from the 2001 film “Gladiator”.

Noise Dependant Lighting

Today we made a quick prototype video of one of our initial ideas based on the work done by heiko and helen following the idea that lighting can be altered by the interaction of the user. We decided to look at the aspect of ligting that will brighten and dim to the noise in the … Continue reading

First time Electronics

Earlier on today in class we started putting together circuits and electronics. So for future reference I will be writing a step by step guide on how to set up the Axepad editing software on your computer. 1) First of all go to and download the correct software for your computer on the software … Continue reading

Heiko Hansen and Helen Evans

We have chosen to look at Heiko Hansen and Helen Evan’s together known as ‘HeHe’ as the focus designers for our project. Their work makes the spectator the centre piece or the variable in the project. Without the spectator the project would not function, i.e. the user changes the overall effect. In work such as ‘Twilight’, … Continue reading

Welcome to BASSment Design

BASSment Design are glad to welcome you to our online blog following the progress of our second year product design project “Demo Mode”. The breif we have been given is to explore and understand the use of sound and audio and incorporate this experience into a visually stimulating and playful product. We hope to look … Continue reading