Press Release

Twitter Tigg

Twitter tigg is a new twist on the digital interaction of Facebook poking and transforming it into a physical fun game between friends on Twitter.
Twitter tigg does this by using the age old game of tig and brings it into the 21st century due to the electronic social networking glove which updates your Twitter account as you tig your friends. The twitter tigg device is fun for all ages with its adjustable straps in order to allow children or adults to be able to experience and interact with each other as well as their twitter accounts while on the move. As the user presses the glove against another game player, the LED’s located on the palm of your hand will begin to flash as well as an MP3 sound will begin to play from the concealed speaker located in the back of the device. The sounds created by the glove will be individualised to each and every unit, such as some will have quotations from well known film and television shows and others will play pre recorded 8 bit music sounds. The aim of twitter tigg is to bring together groups of people who enjoy social networking with a fun physical game that can be played and linked via the internet even when you are not sitting at your laptop.

One Response to “Press Release”
  1. Dan Turner says:

    That’s mad…Cool idea though, Twitter needs something to become more interactive and not just updating a status. the twitter tigg would defiantly do this.


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